Looking for Parking in New York City?

I worked tirelessly on this blog for an up-and-coming startup called Spot Angels, which provides real-time parking information to residents in New York City and San Francisco via a convenient mobile app.

Here’s a short excerpt from the piece:

A New York City parking card is a pre-paid card that can be used at street meters or municipal lots to pay for parking. The cards are prepaid and come in denominations of $20, $50, and $100 amounts.

To purchase a card for the first time, go online and register. After that, cards can be purchased using your account. Alternatively, cards are available for purchase at the St. George Ferry Terminal (passenger boarding area) from four machines, which are accessible 24 hours.

NYC Parking cards are useful because they never expire and are valid until the card balance runs down to zero. Every time you use the card, its new balance will be displayed on meter’s display screen.

Read the entire Guide to Meter Parking in NYC on their site.

New Article on a Bourbon Blog!

I’m honestly stoked about this piece. It was great working with William of Chicago Bourbon and I know we’ll work together again soon. My ideation process for this piece actually started when I came across the Untappd site and saw that some guy had checked into a Carmax location not once, but twice, to drink beer. What the hell?

It became a great springboard for an article all about the Strangest Places You Can Drink Bourbon, and I learned a good amount about the history of the spirit in the process.

Check out the full article here.

The Most Delicious and Celebrated Restaurants in D.C.

New Post Alert

More exciting news. I have another post up on a local D.C. real estate blog. They mentioned that many people looking for housing in the area come to them for information regarding food to eat all over the city. We decided that an overview of every restaurant that has been given the prestigious Michelin Star award would be worth mentioning.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Every fall, Michelin releases its coveted Michelin Guide, an inspiring and cutthroat restaurant guide that steers the eyes and forks of restaurant patrons across the world. It’s so renowned, it can make or break the reputations of even the world’s most coveted chefs. Its three-star system has been touted the most competitive and prestigious ranking system for restaurateurs in the world.

Unlike other foodie awards, the Michelin has incredibly specific criteria and only takes into account the quality of the cuisine served. No attention paid to the style of the tablecloth or the wait service, it’s only the taste of the dish and its presentation that matters. Even a single Michelin star is extremely rare, and that has made its award a beacon for restaurants who attain it.”

Check out the full article here.

2018 Guide to Living in Atlanta

New post alert! I’m pleased to say I have a post up on The Stanley Team Atlanta. This ghost post was so much fun to research and write, and I had a great time thinking like an Atlanta local.

Here’s a preview of the post:

“There’s something about a southern town. Is it the charm of having the door held open for you or the hospitality of being invited over for sweet tea? While some things never change and are absolutely rooted in the history and culture of a geographic area, as time passes and the population increases, some things are bound to shift.

If you’re thinking of moving to Atlanta, or you’re already a resident and still feeling like a newbie, you may feel like there’s so much to uncover in this big city. It can be a bit overwhelming.  After all, Atlanta is one of the country’s fastest-growing metro areas. Today, the region is home to nearly 6 million people…”

Check out the full post here.